The journey continues, that which began in the first part of this series: Art in Memoirs: Setting Forth. Rather, the very journey across words and meanings reveals its breaths vividly in this continuation, under the subtitle: Following the Traces.


All that we have said in the preface to the first volume, specifically regarding the role of language “in expressing what artistic inspiration and the creative state seek to achieve” visits us once again between the lines of the reflections that bring this book to life, and even in that silence that resides between words and letters.


However, what distinguishes this second volume from the first is an overwhelming feeling, in every page, that alludes to the importance of travel and diaspora, outwardly and – more importantly – inwardly, in birthing creativity. For art requires a vagrant identity, longing for a perished home yet occupying all hearts and places.

Art in Memoirs: Following the Traces