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Exploring the sacred dimensions
of the creative process,
to cultivate our inner artistry.


Art n' Motion Podcast

Join our founder, Dr. Ali Hussain, as he speaks with artists in various mediums about their craft and creative process. How do artists negotiate the various aspects of their identity as artists in a globalized world? Most importantly, how does their particular creative outlet allow them to uniquely express themselves?

Other Talks

An assortment of other interviews that our founder, Dr. Ali Hussain, and other teachers at our organization have had on social media about Nostalgic Remembrance, its motivation and current projects.




Our online classes are an opportunity to journey into the depths of your inner creativity during the course of a semester (4 weeks). Learn from a wide array of artists accomplished in their crafts, and share your artistry with the world by completing a final project in a medium of your choosing.


Although our retreats are shorter than a full course, they are still an incredible opportunity to relax and grow through an artist's seclusion. Take a weekend off and experience these excursions on a wide variety of themes year-round. Alternatively, you may also enroll in a single weekend of one of our courses. 



Check out our bookstore for an assortment of books on the sacred dimensions of the creative process, authored by our founder Dr. Ali Hussain. These include A Taste of Imagination, an exploration of the narrative style in video games, The Souk of Nostalgia: A Childhood Between Rivers and Mountains, an imaginative autobiography, and Art in Memoirs, a series of short reflections, in both Arabic and English, on the creative state. 

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Destiny Muhammad, Harpist

The Art of God course is a truly transformational experience. I promise you the experience a personal revelation to yourself.


Mason Zantow, Musician

I would recommend Nostalgic Remembrance's courses to any seeker of truth and seeker of truth in art. It speaks a truly universal language that resonates in the heart of all seekers of truth and beauty in the arts.


Malcolm Maturen, Artist

This class has pushed my art forward in many ways. The lectures and resources serve as great inspirations to explore some of the most important chambers of the artist's soul.

Ibrahim Amjad,


The Art of God has been instrumental for me as an aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker. 

Dorothy Johnson,

Writer and Journalist

As someone who has created since I was a child, I found I was looking at my own creativity and the act of creativity itself with new introspective thoughts and refreshed, awakened eyes.