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An open platform for poets and creative writers to share their vision with the world in print.

We at Nostalgic Remembrance are excited to share with you the founding of our very own publishing house, Art in Memoirs Publishing, an extension of the vision of our organization that came to fruition, in May 2021.

Dr. Ali Hussain, creative writer and director of Nostalgic Remembrance Inc. created this platform as an invitation for local and nationally renowned poets and writers who have an investment and interest in the sacred dimensions of the creative process to publish their works in print and share their vision with a wider audience.

As a self-published author with several works, including Art in Memoirs: Setting ForthThe Souk of Nostalgia: A Childhood Between Rivers and Mountains and Rumi and Gibran: In Conversation, Dr. Hussain was encouraged to create Art in Memoirs Publishing as a medium for himself and other creative writers to comfortably, and authentically, express their artistic calling for a large readership to enjoy and appreciate.

If you are a creative writer who is passionate about the sacred dimensions of the creative process, please fill the contact form below and let us help make your next publication with Art in Memoirs Publishing a reality.

We are pleased to announce our inaugural publication in May 2021:

Art in Memoirs: Following the Traces

Art in Memoirs Following the Traces Cove

If you would like to purchase this book and all other works from our publishing house, please visit our bookstore.


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